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If you are considering having a repair or restoration facility handle or assist with a project, we would enjoying meeting you, discussing your needs, and compiling a "no obligation quote".

Paul Sr and John Schippers

We'd love for you to visit our showroom, see the shop, and meet the team of experts that will work on your project.


Many projects come to us by word-of-mouth. Feel free to ask us for references from past clients.

We'd also like to introduce you to the

'Navigator Plus Restoration Assistance

Program' developed exclusively by C.A.R.S. The project management program enables us to better research, plan, implement and execute a restoration project that finishes on time and on budget.


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"If this is your first time meeting Paul Taylor Sr., the owner of C.A.R.S. and he looks familiar, it is a good bet that one of your guilty pleasures is reality television. Taylor is one of The Restorers on season one of the hit series Restoration Garage."

"If you are now having that “Ah, right, Paul!” moment, you are probably remembering a few specifics: His wife and business partner, Nicole, and his son, Paul Jr. are his world; his shop is located in Southern Ontario – in Shelburne, Dufferin County to be exact; he takes calculated risks; he thrives on constant change and, therefore, efficiency..." Click For More


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August 2016



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Avec un long historique dans la restauration d’automobiles, de bateaux et d’avions, C.A.R.S. par Taylor est une équipe amicale et respectée, formée d’adeptes du développement de concepts, de gestion de projets, de restaurations «frame-off» et de réparations.  Nous revenons bientôt avec un nouvel emplacement dans la région de l’Est ontarien / l’Ouest québécois!


Restauration * Mécanique * Peinture * Intérieurs
* Fabrication sur mesure * Sales



With a long history in automotive, marine and aeronautical restoration, C.A.R.S. by Taylor is a friendly and respected team adept at concept development, project management, and intricate frame-off restoration and repairs.  We are coming back soon with a new shop in the Eastern Ontario / Western Quebec area!


Restoration * Mechanical * Paint * Upholstery
* Custom Fabrication * Sales

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